Thursday, July 5, 2007

What's Your Build Process?

So what is your build process like? Is simple or complicated? Is it manual or automated? How many of the Five R's of Agile SCM Baselines does it satisfy? I've been doing a lot of work on software build process lately and here is a simple four step process that mostly satisfies those "Five R's" -

  1. Get the latest sources from the SCM repository (branch or mainline).
  2. Execute the build against the latest sources.
  3. Commit the results of the build back to the SCM repository.
  4. Label the results of the build in the SCM repository (branch or version as needed).
Four steps, looks pretty simple. I can't think anything simpler that would be very robust. So how about automating the process? What would be simplest way to get this fully automated and as mistake proof as possible. There are lot's of build server out there, both open source and commercial, it seems like on of them ought to be able to handle the job.

I've evaluated quite a few build servers recently (I'll post reviews later) and can't find one suitable product. They all easily handle continuous integration builds, but none can automate all four builds steps. Obviously, all the servers can mange step 2, and they all partially handle step 1, i.e. getting the sources from the main line. All the servers can check out source code, but if you want to do it from more than one branch you need a configuration for each branch. None of the servers can commit anything back to the repository without external scripting of some sort let alone branch your project. If I need to write scripts or maintain multiple configurations what have I gained over just doing the four step process manually?

This is for Java application development and Ant is used for the building. I've looked at enhancing the Ant builds and as much as I like Ant, it is just not well suited for this task by itself. It might be possible to write custom Ant tasks, but I really don't want to create a custom build system that needs to be maintained. It's enough work just maintaining the Ant builds as they are. Something seems wrong when it is so hard to automate such a simple process.


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